Capability API

Retrieve information about a given account's capabilities. This includes banks that can be used when adding bank accounts for transfer recipients as well as available payment methods.


Name Type Description
object string

The string capability.

location string

API path to retrieve the current capability object.

banks array

Banks supported for transfer recipients.

country string

Country in which account is registered as two-letter ISO 3166 code.

limits object

Defines the min/max charge amount as well as the installment amount that merchants can process.

payment_methods array

Available payment methods and allowed values.

tokenization_methods array

Lists the methods of card tokenization. The methods at present are:

  • googlepay - card tokenized by GooglePay

  • null - tokenized by Opn

zero_interest_installments boolean

Whether merchant absorbs interest for installment payments.


  • JSON Response

Retrieve account capabilities


Returns information about the account capabilities. Note: this verb accepts public key authentication only.


  • Retrieve the account capability

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