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Specify currencies using their ISO 4217 three-letter code. Read on to learn how to use currencies.


For most API operations, specify amounts in the smallest unit (usually the subunit) for a given currency.

Since the smallest unit of Thai Baht is 1/100 of a baht, specify 12300 to indicate ฿123.

Note: When searching records using the Search API, specify amounts in the main unit (that is, not the smallest unit). Specify 20 to search for records containing an amount of ฿20.

curl \
  -d "amount=12300" \
  -d "currency=THB" \
  -d "card=$TOKEN_ID_FOR_THB_CHARGE" \
  -d "return_uri="

Since Japanese Yen is a zero-decimal currency (the Yen is itself the smallest unit), specify 123 to indicate ¥123. Yen is the only zero-decimal currency currently supported.

curl \
  -d "amount=123" \
  -d "currency=JPY" \
  -d "card=$TOKEN_ID_FOR_JPY_CHARGE" \
  -d "return_uri="


We support creating credit and debit card charges in several currencies.

Supported currencies depend on the country in which your account is registered. See Supported Currencies by registered country.

Charge Limits

Minimum and maximum charge amounts are based on the country in which your account is registered and your specific account settings.

Stricter minimum and maximum amounts for charges may be enforced for specific payment methods. See the relevant payment method documentation for details.

Country Minimum Charge Maximum Charge
Japan 100 (¥100) 6000000 (¥6,000,000)
Malaysia 100 (RM1.00) 10000000 (RM100,000.00)
Singapore 100 (S$1.00) 2000000 (S$20,000.00)
Thailand 2000 (฿20.00) 15000000 (฿150,000.00)

When creating a charge in a currency other than the account funding currency (see multi-currency), the effective minimum and maximum charge is measured in the equivalent amount after exchange to the settlement currency.

Settlement and Transfers

Charges are always settled in your account funding currency. Your account funding currency depends on the country in which your account is registered.

Funds can only be transferred to a bank account in your account funding currency. The bank account must be located in the country where the account was registered.

Country Funding Currency
Japan JPY
Malaysia MYR
Singapore SGD
Thailand THB

Transfer Limits

Minimum and maximum transfer amounts are based on the country in which your account is registered.

Country Minimum Transfer Maximum Transfer
Japan 260 (¥260) 100000000 (¥100,000,000)
Malaysia 100 (RM1.00) 1000000000 (RM10,000,000.00)
Singapore 100 (S$1.00) 1000000000 (S$10,000,000.00)
Thailand 3000 (฿30.00) 5000000000 (฿50,000,000.00)
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