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How do I manage a dispute?

Last updated on October 19, 2021

When running a business, there may be times when something goes wrong with a sale. When this happens your client may react by initiating a dispute with their card issuing bank - asking for the charge to be reversed. This is what we call a chargeback.

Once notified of a dispute, you’ve got a few options:

Directly contact your customer
If you have contact details for your customer, it is ideal that you instantly get in touch with them as disputes often arise from misunderstandings or unrecognized transactions. The case could be closed right away provided you clear things up with them and they agree to contact their bank. This is the easiest and quickest way to resolve a dispute.

Respond with supporting evidence
In order to overturn the dispute, you are required to submit appropriate evidence which would legitimize the case and raise your chances of winning it.

Accepting the dispute
By accepting the dispute, you agree to return the full amount of the transaction. This will be inevitable if you fail to provide legitimate evidence or fail to respond within the specified period without prior notice.

Note: Your action is required within 7 days.

How do I provide evidence?

From the API:
We encourage you to update the dispute through our API if you have integrated this part of the process into your own application. Disputes can be listed, retrieved, and updated. Learn more here.

From the dashboard:
You can easily interact with disputes through our dashboard. This is easier if you’re just getting started or aren’t so comfortable managing them through the API.

Although we have developed tools and a guide to assist you in resolving disputes, it is best to prevent them from occurring in the first place. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts with a dispute level that exceeds 0.5% or 75 chargebacks within a given month.

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