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How can I add charge descriptions?

Last updated on March 21, 2022

What is a charge description?

The charge description is a customizable field displayed under your charge details. The charge description allows you to keep track of all the charges you created which can be used to help optimize your operation team’s work by providing information like number of items, order id, type of items, date of delivery, etc. Adding proper descriptions to your charges also helps Omise better conduct fraud analysis for your business.

How can I add charge descriptions?

The Charge API contains the “description” attribute which you can supply any information for your tracking purpose.

View details on dashboard

This information would be generated and displayed at the charge summary page on the dashboard.

View details on dashboard

In case there is no information to the description attribute (description is empty), the charge id will be displayed instead.

For developers, we recommend you to look at our Charge API documentation for more technical information.

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