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How to access Omise API keys?

Last updated on October 21, 2021

Omise provides 2 sets of API keys, each set contains a public key and a secret key.

To access your keys, sign in to your dashboard and navigate to the “Keys” menu on the left hand side. Make sure that your are signed in to your preferred environment; the Test dashboard or the Live dashboard.

Test mode

You will find both your public key and secret key displayed. You can copy and paste them into the required fields right away.

test mode

Live mode

You will find both your public key and secret key. Your public key will always be displayed, while your secret key will only be displayed for 15 minutes the first time you sign in to your live dashboard. This is a security measure to protect your account credentials.

You will not be able to copy your live secret key once they have already been hidden behind asterisks.

live mode

If you need to reveal your secret key, you will have to roll your key. Systems will generate a new live secret key for your account, and will automatically deprecate the old key in 60 minutes. You can also revoke the expiring key right away by clicking on “Revoke key now”. Please ensure that you replace the old key with the new one before doing so.

For your security, we send out an email which includes the IP address and date of access every time an API key is rolled.

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