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Available only in Thailand

Split any payment into monthly installments

Give your customers the option of dividing a lump sum payment into smaller amounts. You get paid right away, while your customer can pay off the purchase over time.

Less is more

Smaller payment amounts are more attractive to the customer's purchasing decision. Offering installment payments can boost a higher net spending at your store.

Maximize order value

Splitting a payment into smaller chunks gives customers more purchase power, meaning that you can drive larger baskets and more buyers to checkout.

Offer the 0% installment plan

You have the choice of whether you, the merchant, or your customers absorb the interest. To boost sales and stand out from the competition during quieter sales periods, you can offer interest-free installment payment programs.

Monthly payment options that fit any budget

Offer flexible payment plans from 3 to 36 months. You'll receive the full amount right away, while allowing your customers the freedom to pay at their own pace.

Make your products more affordable

Price proportioning makes your product more affordable to customers. Enabling an installment plan can help you market your product better without losing any revenue.

Convert browsers into paying customers

Start offering flexible payment plans that work for everyone

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