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RTDK campaign: Customer-facing issues

Last updated on October 21, 2021

Below are the frequently asked questions we've received from hotel owners over the past few days.

We hope you will find it useful.

Error code Definition
Customer not found Guest has not singed up for the เป๋าตังค์ mobile application or is still waiting for verification from the bank. Contact KTB call center at 02 111 1144.
Merchant not found / Hotel not found Hotel has not been verified to participate in the RTDK campaign or is still waiting for verification. Contact KTB call center at 02 111 1144.
Timeout (inquiry error) Error on KTB's side. Click Send link to try again.
Timeout (notification error) Error on KTB's side. The link may have already been sent to the guest. Contact the guest to confirm whether they already received the link or not.
Hotel booking duplicate The Booking ID entered has already been used. Create a new link with a new Booking ID
Error Code 1001 Invalid Data , Invalid Period Incorrect information. The most common reason is the no. of nights and check-in/out date don't match
Invalid province Property location and guest are from the same province
No quota Guest already used up their quota. Contact KTB call center at 02 111 1144.
Insufficient eligible room Incorrect information returned from KTB during link creation. Create a new link to try again.
Response code 403 Link created outside of specified time period. Links can only be created between 06:00 and 21:00

Why can't I log in to my account to create a payment link?

Can I edit information in the Link platform activation stage?

  • If you entered incorrect information, please contact our team. Send an email to

When will the payment link appear in the guest's เป๋าตัง application?

  • Guests will recieve the payment link within 5 minutes after you successfully create the link. If the payment link does not show in the application, please contact KTB call center at 02 111 1144

Will the guest receive a notification once the payment link is successfully delivered to their เป๋าตัง application?

  • Yes

Can I edit information in a payment link?

  • No. Once the link is created, information in payment link cannot be editted. If you need to change information, you will have to create a new one. Remember to inform the guest before deleting the link.

How to delete a payment link?

  • Search for the link you want to delete. Click on it and delete the link. Once deleted, the link will also be removed from the customer's เป๋าตัง application?

What to do if there are 2 duplicate links?

  • Delete one of them

What will happen if the guest cancels the booking in their เป๋าตังค์ application?

  • KTB will send you, the hotel, a notification through LINE. If you are not receiving notifications, please directly contact KTB call center at 02 111 1144.

Can the guest cancel the reservation directly with the hotel?

  • Yes they can. To cancel, simply delete the payment link from your dashboard.

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