Available only in Thailand

TrueMoney Wallet

Unlock new business opportunities by adding the most widely used e-wallet in Thailand to your checkout

Cash is from the past

Digital payments are on the rise. With TrueMoney Wallet, the customer's credit card, debit card, and bank account details are digitally stored; giving buyers quick access to eligible funds. This helps encourage their impulse buying behavior and drives your revenue.

Reach more buyers across Thailand

Cater your business to the spending power of the young and tech-savvy generation

15 million+ 

people across Thailand are already using TrueMoney Wallet today

24 yrs

is the average age of TrueMoney Wallet users namely; university students and first-jobbers

20 %

of Thai consumers use an e-wallet as their preferred payment option when shopping online

Simplify your checkout process

Fewer clicks = more payments. Free your customers from filling out multiple payment details. Simply entering just their telephone number and an OTP is all it takes for TrueMoney Wallet users to make a purchase.

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What are you waiting for?

Join the cashless revolution by accepting payments with TrueMoney Wallet today

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