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What is the best practice for integrating PayNow?

Last updated on December 01, 2021

Since customers pay through an offline flow (scanning the QR code and paying from their device), we suggest merchants adjust their checkout online store to accommodate the journey.

1. Make use of webhook notifications

Link your website with Omise dashboard to enable real-time payment confirmation. This way, when customers confirm the transfer, Omise verifies the payment that comes through and sends a webhook completion event to your website.

Hide QR code after complete

Sellers can design what happens after that. A recommended journey is to make the QR code disappear and refresh the page into the ‘payment complete’ page. This flow not only guarantees customers that the payment has been made but also helps prevent them from scanning the QR code twice.

2. Set an expiration period

Once the merchant activates PayNow QR, they can customize the expiration time limit. Utilize this feature to set the suitable timeout period for your purchasing journey. For example, set shorter time limits for one-use, order-unique QR codes.

Set timer

3. Modify your checkout page

Not all customers are accustomed to dynamic QR codes. Thus, do take into consideration to design a payment page that accompanies them to pay correctly via dynamic QR.

  • Add a countdown timer — Even though expiration period is applied, the time limit does not appear on the generated QR code. Thus, there is (though rarely) a possibility of customers paying after the code becomes invalid. To make sure your customers pay in time, it is recommended to have a matching countdown timer easily visible.
  • State your remarks — Put the conditions on the payment where your customers can see them prior to making the payment to prevent any possible errors. For instance, a message reminding your customers to pay via QR code not UEN, or a reminder to online pay once and within how much time only.
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