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Supported versions

  • Chrome: 105+
  • Safari: 15+
  • Opera: 90+
  • Edge: 105+
  • Firefox: 104+
  • iOS (Safari): 15+
  • Android (Chrome): 105+

Supported payment methods

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • PromptPay
  • Installments
Number Available Bank
1 Krungsri (Bay)
2 Bangkok Bank
3 Krungsri First Choice
4 Kasikorn Bank
5 Krungthai Card (KTC)
6 Siam Commercial Bank

Supported country and currency

Thailand (THB)


  • Cards and installments 3.65%
  • PromptPay 1.65%

For Wix reseller merchants, please contact wix@opn.ooo for a special MDR.


To start accepting payment using the Opn Payments plugin on a Wix website, users need to do the following actions:

  • Upgrade their Wix account to a premium account. For more details, see this Wix support article.
  • Pass our onboarding process and get a live account.


Connect the Opn Payments plug-in with a Wix site.

1. Make sure to select the currency that our plugin supports. Open Settings on the Wix dashboard, click Language & Region, and check the currency.

Language & Region

Currency Setting

2. Go back to the Settings page and click Accept payments.

Accept Payments

3. Select Thailand as your business location and click See More Payment Options.

Check Business Location

4. Choose to connect Opn Payments plugin.

Check Business Location

5. Fill in the Public Key and Secret Key from the Opn Payments dashboard, then click Connect.

Check Business Location

6. Our plugin is now connected. Merchants can start accepting payment now.

Check Business Location

7. The following screenshot demonstrates how our plugin will be shown when buyers want to purchase products.

Order Summary

Upgrade plugin
Every new version of our plugin is updated automatically and does not require any action from the merchants or the operation team.

Enabling 3DS

Enabling webhooks

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