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This guide is to help you find your way around Opn Payments with an easy step-by-step approach. It’s detailed, comprehensive and easy to follow; ideal for a non tech-savvy person.

1. Signing up

Signing up for an Opn Payments account is simple. You'll find Register on the top-right corner of every page on our site.

register button on top left

Fill in your email address and set a password for your account.
Remember that the password must contain at least 10 characters and must include:

  • one uppercase character, one lowercase character and a number
  • one special character ex. @ & # ?

Once you submit, you’ll be directed to your dashboard and asked to verify your email address. Follow the onscreen instructions.

dashboard page

The working environments, Test dashboard and Live dashboard can be selected from the menu bar at the top.
- Test Dashboard is the sandbox mode, no live transactions take place
- Live Dashboard is where all transactions occur in actual, with cardholders and banks

Note that both environments are mutually exclusive.

2. Charging cards

To create your first charge, click Charges. We’ll start testing by making an API call from the command line.

For mac: Open Terminal
Go to Finder> Application>Utilities>Terminal

open terminal application

For Windows: We recommend Git-Bash to run curl. (Download Git-SCM)

git bash

Once all set, click Create a charge with a token.

charge page

Two sets of codes will appear. The first is used in creating a Token, and the second charges the card.

open charge command line

Copy the first set of code to Terminal. (The sample code shown already includes card details and key.)

call request token api

The system will return a JSON response. The Token generated is displayed next to “id”. Copy the second set of code to Terminal and replace token_id with the Token ID received.


Check your dashboard. The successful transaction will appear under Charges.

got charge from charge page

3. Transferring funds

Payments received will be under On hold for the specific period (Thailand: 7 days, Japan: 21 days) before the funds are moved to the Transferable balance. Only funds in the transferable balance can be withdrawn from an Opn Payments account.
Note: In test dashboard, the received amount will automatically go to your Transferable balance.

Whenever you wish to make a transfer, click Setup a transfer.

transfer page

With us you have two options for transfers; a full transfer (the total amount will be transferred from the Transferable balance) and partial transfer (a specific amount is transferred).

request full transfer

When you Setup a Transfer, a transfer will be created but its status will be set to Pending. Unlike banks, we can’t process transfers right away. We batch them and send them once a day around 10 am.

overview of transfer process

Once the bank successfully processes the transfer to your account, we get a Transfer Success notification. We will then pass that message on to you.

Test mode: You could easily simulate the process by checking Mark as sent to indicate that the transfer request has been sent to the bank and check Mark as paid to indicate the bank’s response.

mark as sent button

Once a transfer is created and request sent to the bank, the amount will be deducted from your Transferable balance.

send request to bank show in transfer page

The funds will be transferred to your bank account the next day.

Note: If the amount requested is greater than the amount available in your transferable balance, the transfer will be unsuccessful, the status will remain as pending and the transfer will be retried the next day.

4. Plugin download & installation

For e-commerce sites that aren’t listed or if you’ve built your own site, here’s the list of available SDKs:

implementing to a mobile app?

If you are using our API with a PHP site without a plugin or composer, here’s what to do.

Add these lines in index.html

<form name="checkoutForm" method="POST" action="checkout.php">
  <script type="text/javascript" src=""
    data-frame-label="Merchant site name"
    data-button-label="Pay now"
  <!--the script will render <input type="hidden" name="omiseToken"> for you automatically-->

<!-- data-key="YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY" -->

Change YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY to your own key (can be found on your dashboard) and change PATH_TO_LOGO_IMAGE to a URL of an image. For example

Once you’ve created the index.html file that is used for collecting card information, create checkout.php to charge cards. You’re able to get the omise-php library from Unzip the file and rename the folder from omise-php-master to omise-php.

When working in live mode, we do recommend using git clone as it is easier to keep code up-to-date.


require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/omise-php/lib/Omise.php';
define('OMISE_API_VERSION', '2015-11-17');
define('OMISE_PUBLIC_KEY', 'pkey_test_52jyu0r8o4307z0zz00');
define('OMISE_SECRET_KEY', 'skey_test_52jyu0r8mim84ylp454');

$charge = OmiseCharge::create(array(
  'amount' => 10025,
  'currency' => 'thb',
  'card' => $_POST["omiseToken"]



The code already contains a set of public and secret keys. Replace them with your own keys, and you’re ready to test the code.

example in browser

Omise.js creates a Pay now button. Click it and a payment form will appear. You can use the following details for testing:

Number: 4242424242424242
Expired month: 12
Expired year: 2020
Security code: 123

Once the form is submitted and the charge is successful, a notification message will appear.

Learn more from our documentation or if you still have questions after reading, head over to support.

5. Enabling live mode

To start receiving actual transactions, you’ll have to enable live dashboard, and submit a few documents online for approval.


  • An Opn Payments account with a verified email
  • A website that is ready and available online
  • Your website must communicate its refund policy to the cardholder in one of the following locations:
    term and condition
    • In the sequence of pages before final checkout, with a click to accept or other acknowledgement button, checkbox, or location for an electronic signature, or
    • On the checkout screen, near the submit or click to accept button.
      Note: The disclosure must not be solely on a link to a separate web page.
      Source: Card Acceptance Guidelines for Visa Merchants
  • A copy of your registration documents ready for upload, in PDF, JPG or PNG format. See the following for the detailed list.

For businesses:

  • Your company's registration document (DBD) issued within 60 days
  • Company Seal (Bor. Oor. Jor. 3)
  • Shareholders’ List (Bor. Oor. Jor. 5)

    • ID cards of shareholders who hold more than 25% of the company's shares (for foreigners, passports)
  • VAT certification - Por. Por. 20 (optional)

  • The authorized directors' ID cards

  • For foreigners, your passport, work permit and proof of address:

    • Yellow house book (Thor. Ror. 13), or
    • Bank/credit card statement or utility bill (electricity, internet, gas) showing full name and current residential address)
  • The front page of your preferred Thai Bank passbook showing the account number that will collect funds. This account name must match the company name stated on the company's registration document.

  • Bank statement (may be required in some cases)

All documents must be signed by the authorized director(s) and marked certified true copy with the company seal affixed. Please note that e-signatures are not accepted.

For individuals:

  • Your ID card
  • For foreigners, your passport, work permit and proof of address:

    • Yellow house book (Thor. Ror. 13), or
    • Bank/credit card statement or utility bill (electricity, internet, gas) showing full name and current residential address)
  • The front page of your preferred Thai Bank passbook showing the account number that will collect funds. This account name must match the name on the ID card.

  • Bank statement (may be required in some cases)

All documents must be signed and marked certified true copy.


live dashboard

  1. Sign-in to your account and click the Live dashboard tab
  2. Fill in the form and submit it for approval.

Note: Files must be in PDF, JPG or PNG format

We will review your registration and enable Live mode on your account within a couple of days. We may contact you if more information is required or if your registration is incomplete.

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