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How to use the dashboard?

Last updated on October 21, 2022

Dashboard user guide

The Omise Dashboard offers a central location for business owners and team members to access payment information, carry out day-to-day operations, and configure your Omise account. On the dashboard, you can manage payments, view analytical data, and perform specific actions like refunds, respond to disputes, setup transfers, and more.

Finding your way around the dashboard

The dashboard is designed with commercial, operational and financial teams in mind. Upon sign in, you automatically enter the live dashboard. You can toggle between the test and live dashboard anytime.

Dashboard Overview

Transaction-related menus are all grouped together on the side menu to the left. While account configuration and settings can be found under the Accounts menu on the right.


Overview provides information about the payments and payouts that occur in your Omise account as they happen.


Receipts list out Omise monthly receipts/tax invoice for your transaction fee in the past month. Receipts/tax invoices are issued at the beginning of every month. They are sent to you by email and can also be downloaded from the dashboard.

Learn more: When is the tax invoice and receipt issued?



Charges provide at-a-glance, real-time transaction data. Transactions displayed on this page are listed in chronological order. You can search for charges by keyword using the search bar or use advanced search filters to narrow down search results. To view specific details of a particular charge, click on the charge.

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Processing charges through Omise increases the Total Balance in your Omise account. Transfers provide a holistic view of your overall balance. All accounts have balances in 2 states; the On Hold balance and the Transferable Balance. The Total Balance is the sum of your accounts’ balance after deducting the processing fee.

Learn more: What are the total on hold and transferable balance?


You can refund successful charges, either in full or partial amount. Refunds can be created directly via the Dashboard. Refunds are deducted from your Omise balance—this doesn’t include any On Hold or Reserve Balance. If your transferable balance doesn’t cover the amount of the refund, you can either wait until your balance accumulates through collected payments or contact our Customer Support to top up your account.

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Disputes occur when the cardholder questions a payment and files a case with the card issuing bank. Disputes are sometimes known as chargebacks. Learn more about the types of disputes.

To help you best respond and manage disputes, Omise provides online documentation on the resolution process and also an online portal within the dashboard to help you manage disputes.


Balance displays all your transactions, payments and payouts

Links provide a portal where you can create and manage your payment links. Here, you can create new links, enable and disable links, and also monitor the status of links in real-time.

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