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Welcome to the Opn Payments Docs!

In these pages, you should find everything you need to know to get paid using the Opn Payments API.

This is developer-oriented documentation.

If you are not a developer, you can check our comprehensive support articles for non-technical explanations of various concepts or go straight to the integrations overview.

The docs are organized into four sections:

What is Opn Payments?

Opn Payments is a PCI-certified payment gateway with an easy-to-use management dashboard and an intuitive REST API allowing integration across a variety of languages and frameworks. We give you the power to implement payments the way you want without the risk and overhead of directly handling payment details.

Setting up your account

To get started, register for a test account to start working on your implementation before going live.

In both test and live mode, the dashboard provides transaction information, account-level settings, and example code. It also provides your account keys that are needed to perform any action using our API, such as creating or refunding a charge. You can find your public and secret account keys by checking Keys under the API heading in the menu.

Running the examples

To run any of the sample code on this site, you should replace the sample key shown (skey..., $OMISE_SECRET_KEY, pkey... , or $OMISE_PUBLIC_KEY) with the ones specific to your account found in your dashboard.

Choosing an integration

Opn Payments interfaces with a variety of e-commerce solutions via integrations. For more custom solutions, we have libraries for JavaScript, iOS, Android, and many other languages.

Before using any of the integrations and libraries, please read the documentation specific to that integration.

Whatever the solution, never send sensitive information (for example, credit card details) directly through your server. Check our Security Best Practices to learn more.

Going live

To enable the live account, see this document and remember to stay up to date with security best practices.

Have questions?

If you are having issues using our service, or would like to learn more, you can email support directly. You can check the current availability of our API at

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